Day 1 on the bus

Wow. I'm actually on a big old rock-n-roll tour bus! It has flames on the side and everything. It belongs to a big deal Country music band, so the coat racks are  upside down pistols and there are black leather couches, flat screen TVs, rhinestone door's totally cool. There are 8 of us on the bus. Headliner Chonda Pierce, Feature artist Leland Klassen, myself, the tour manager, merchandise guy, two drivers and the producer. Everyone is so totally nice and cool, and multidimensional, interesting, smart, funny, so I'm totally blessed to be with this crew.

I was told the sleeping areas were little coffins, and it's not so bad. The bed is really soft, and there are little TV's in every bunk! I'm only telling all these details because lots of my friends have been asking what it's like. The cool thing for me about falling asleep on the bus is that it reminded me of my childhood.  My Mom was an amazingly strong woman who took all her kids, all 4 of us on long road trips when we were growing up. She alone took us everywhere, out west camping in the desert, up to Canada around the Great Lakes, over to New Hampshire plenty of times to see our family over there. But my point is, that falling sleep in the bus made me feel like a child again, all stretched out, soft pillow, warm blanket while the vehicle rolled over the land.  She always kept us safe. She was so responsible for all us kids and did a great job. I wish she was still alive so I could sing her praises to her. 

For the past few months I've been thinking that my whole life has been preparing me for this opportunity, that I was meant to do this.  Now I realize that it started as young as childhood with my Mom raising us in truck stops across America. Thanks Mom.

God works in mysterious ways. He gave me the PERFECT mother, and I sure didn't know that for most of my life.

So I'll close this blog out by's all working out, even when it looks like it's the worst thing ever, for some strange reason it will be exactly what we need, maybe years down the road, for us to be in the place to reach our potential.

And our potential? Now that's a whole 'nuther story. Now that I've made it on the bus, I have a WHOLE lot of skills to acquire about networking with the promoters, marketing and all that. Potential means growing out of our cocoon. And I'm plannin' on busting out!!! Hope you do too... Peace, Zan