ATTENTION FUNNY FOLKS (and a those that think you're funny, ha!):

You are invited to the 9th Annual Comedy Conference sponsored by the CCA.

The Conference will be kicked off with a Comedy Concert on Sunday Night (May 31st) where many of our veteran comics donate their time to raise money for the CCA to keep your Conference fee reasonable priced. Our official registration for the Conference begins around 8:30AM, Monday June 1st until 10pm on Tuesday night, June 2nd. You will not want to miss a moment. Come with your questions, your enthusiasm and your best game face to dive into two busy days for all of us. A sampling of our speakers this year is: National Radio and TV Talk Show Host - Dave Ramsey. Taillight TV Producer - Ben Tyson. Comedy writer and teacher, Martha Bolton. National Comedian, Speaker and Writer - Ken Davis. Author of the book, Road Warrior - Pastor Sam Gallucci, Award winning vocalist - Clay Cross. Comedian and CCA President, Chonda Pierce and more.

This year we are offering an opportunity to have a professional 8X10 photo taken for your publicity needs as well as providing you with Conferenc e materials, the book, Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, a conference program, TWO lunch meals, snacks, bottled water, coffee, etc for our two days together.

See the CCA website for details and register TODAY!

(On a personal note - While spending time with one of our speakers, Martha Bolton, she inspired to me to write about some funny stuff I was telling her about from my childhood. That path lead me to a new 5 min, and gave me a foundation for my show. She's awesome.
Also Dave Ramsey, he's given us a bunch of his books to give away at the Conference, so I'm reading the book - and it has grown me up so much already. I highly suggest it.

It's going to be really packed full of info about getting your career on fire.