Kids taught me how.

It’s August 17th, and I’ve got one more show at McCurdy’s. A family show, and I’m thinking I’m the Emcee. Hard to warm up a room of kids, as they are untrained in knowing what to do in a comedy theatre, or anywhere else for that matter…save the playground at McDonalds. Anyway, I had kind of a bad attitude because my last family show there was pretty wonky, none of my material was working and I was dying…or at least suffocating with hypothermia.

So I’m on the way there and on the phone with a veteran comic who is GREAT with kids. I’m like “Dude, gimme some advice.” He says “Oh, just stay positive, make big facial gestures and silly voices.” – Are you kidding me? That’s what I’ve been doing since I was a kid. It’s how I pass the time. Don’t judge.

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Bob Hope's writer coming to Conference

I know what you are thinking -
Christian Comedy?
Isn't that an oxymoron?
Look, you know me, you know I'm not going to tell you something that isn't true.
Chonda Pierce, the President of the Christian Comedy Association is a creative genius.
You don't believe me? She just had another DVD go Platinum. But don't believe all those people that bought it - believe me when I tell you she's like the Elvis of Clean Comedy with a purpose.
Look - I know the word "Christian" is a loaded word. Everyone makes all kinds of assumptions when you hear that word.
Please do yourself a favor and put down your assumptions for 2 days and just come and learn about the business and creative process of the thing you love - stand-up comedy.

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So I got on stage and started doing the opposite.

Some of the people in the comedy world around me get on stage and talk about how they don’t believe in God. So I got on stage and started doing the opposite. Now I do jokes about how I got Baptized as an adult, in a 2,000 seat all African American Baptist church.  There was me, and about 20 little 5 year olds with their hair in braids…and me. I fit right in. Right – I’ve never fit in, I’m a comic. All comics come from the Island of Misfit Toys.  Anyway, I talk about a few embarrassing moments, and then I end with mentioning how for three days afterwards I was filled with the lightest, brightest, clearest, blissful energy. Call it the Holy Ghost or Spirit or whatever, but it happened.   Didn’t expect it. But there it was. That’s my personal experience, and how can you deny your pwn personal experience? Years later I read that bit in the Bible about how if you ask Jesus into your heart, you'll be filled with the Holy Spirit - and I was like- that happened to me. Wow.  That's true.

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ATTENTION FUNNY FOLKS (and a those that think you're funny, ha!):

You are invited to the 9th Annual Comedy Conference sponsored by the CCA.

The Conference will be kicked off with a Comedy Concert on Sunday Night (May 31st) where many of our veteran comics donate their time to raise money for the CCA to keep your Conference fee reasonable priced. Our official registration for the Conference begins around 8:30AM, Monday June 1st until 10pm on Tuesday night, June 2nd. You will not want to miss a moment. Come with your questions, your enthusiasm and your best game face to dive into two busy days for all of us.

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