My Dog Is My Problem Child.

Many people know that I spent $9,000 saving my dog's life after she got hit by a car.

Ruptured bladder, blood transfusion, amputated leg and all that. That was a couple of years ago.

Now recently, she's taken to peeing on things when she gets mad at me (I assume she's mad) and lately, she has targeted my comforter!

And I just thought, how ironic that the $5,000 I spent on fixing her bladder, is what's peeing on my comforter. I SO need Caesar the Dog Whisperer...and a good dry cleaner.


Red Carpet in Hollywood

First "red carpet event" where each photographer thought "Zan" was "oh, I get it - TED." No, Zan. "Oh, Sam!" No, um, Zan. "She said Tam!" Zan, it's...then in my head, I thought, how appropriate my name is, because a "Zan" in old Itallian comedy meant a "clown" and I'm a comedian and all this was FAR too much to Ted it is. Smile

So how was my first red carpet event? Oh it was off the chain crazy; I was home and asleep by 11pm, because that's how I roll!  Honestly, it reminded me of a middle school dance, where you and your best friend hung out and chatted about life while watching some people dance.  I wasn't cool in middle school and I'm just barely getting my act together now! Ha! It was fun though - I'd do it again in a second, just to hang out with my bestie. Life is good, and it's even better when I get to share it with a friend.

Last Comic Standing under a pillow.

I told myself I wasn't going to do it. I knew that standing in line to audition for Last Comic Standing was a joke! But I couldn't stop myself from chasing my dream. So there I sat, for 10 hours in the cold, mostly sitting on that pillow, but then it started to rain.  I look like the Flying Nun after she's been down on her luck!  

Would I do it again even though nothing really came of it? Yeah, I think so, because I really do believe that the Lord helps those who help themselves.