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Letting Go...sure, but how?

Let go and let God. Sounds easy. If only there were a blue print for letting go...and there is...

Have you ever had trouble "letting go" of something? Maybe someone stole from you, broke your heart, sold you out, abandoned you, or maybe you can't let go of how you did something that caused hurt to another. Whatever the case is - you just can't seem to let it go.

Want a tool to know how to Let Go? Thought so -

Hold that person or event that you are thinking about in your mind's eye. Do Not Judge the person or event. Whatever happened, is part of a process, and you're looking at just this one moment. Hold that one moment, and simply do not judge it. If you don't judge it, you are not giving it any emotional weight. The thing happened. As my friend would say, "It is what it is." It just is - quick - catch yourself from judging it. Just accept the event, whatever it is, and say "I accept that this happened."

Again, if you do not judge it as good or bad there is no emotion wrapped around it. No judgment, means no labeling good or bad, so where is the emotion? There is none.

There is nothing to bring into the future because there is no emotional component. You are free.

Think of something it's easy to do this with, you broke something or someone broke something of yours, but something little that you don't really care so much about. Far easier to not judge that action and just accept it. You give it no emotional value so you don't think of it again. It doesn't even occur to bring it into your future. The only thing that's going to bring it into the present is the mind.

You have to re-mind yourself to stop playing the tape about the event. Stop the tape that says you are a bad person or someone else is a bad person. Stop the tape. Notice it, and stop it. Whatever happened was just a moment in time; it doesn't have to last forever, and guess who is in charge of that?

Each time the reoccurring thought comes up, pull back from judging it. Accept it. And throw it back in the past where it came from.
Take a big breath and move forward unencumbered.

"Give all your worries to him, because he cares about you." - 1 Peter 5:7